The Awesome BSidesLisbon2013 Challenge

Can I participate ?

Yes, if….

- You are a valid (i.e. hold a ticket) participant of BSidesLisbon;

- You have checked in at the venue;

- You’re not part of the Red Team (a.k.a. “the staff”);

- You’ll be there to collect the prize at the closing session.

How does it work?

Download this file. It is encrypted. You must recover the plaintext, and send us an email to explaining what the plaintext is (i.e., just sending the plaintext is not enough, tell us what that text is).

The first two most correct answers, win the challenge.

But what if it is too hard ?

Since we really want winners, we accept submissions even if they don’t complete the challenge. As stated above, the most correct ones win. Also keep an eye on our twitter account. We will release hints, if necessary.

You can also try to social engineer the staff. The biggest problem is that very few know the solution, and those who do will probably social engineer you around, and send you on a wild goose chase… :)

What are the prizes ?

The 1st and 2nd places will be able to attend the speakers’ dinner. Our treat.

There’s just a catch. If you’re not at the closing session, we’ll give your prize to the next winner.