Important notices:

  • The schedule is subject to change until the conference day;
  • Be sure to register early, we have a limited number of BSidesLisbon 2013 T-Shirts for the first ~100 registrations (if you’re early, you’ll even be able to pick your size ;) );
  • Bring your ticket, either in print or digital form, and ID, and have them ready for registration;
  • There will be important information during the opening session, so be sure to attend. We promise not to bore you too much :)

9:00 Registration + Welcome Coffee (Sponsored by SAPO)
Track #1 (Auditorio 1) Track #2 (A10)
9:40 Welcome to BSidesLisbon
Bruno Morisson / Tiago Henriques
Short talks (30′)
10:00 NoSQL – No Security?
Gavin Holt
Cell Injection: Attacking the Bean Counters
David Stubley
10:35 The Evildroid
Renato Rodrigues / Leandro Braguês
Convincing your friend that a Website sucks
Colin McLean
11:10 IPv6 (in)Security – what we know so far
Tomé Duarte
Security (A)SAP
Bruno Morisson
Long talks (60′)
11:45 Protect Your Apps Effectively
Simón Roses Femerling
Digital Forensics on todays' digital world
David Marques
12:45 (break)
14:00 Realtime analysis and visualization of internet statusTiago Henriques / João Gouveia / Tiago Martins All your sites are belong to Burp
Tiago Mendo
15:05 Revisiting Mac OS X Rootkits
Pedro Vilaça
"there is no spoon" – The art of “bending” a vulnerability with the power of mind
Pedro Cabrita
16:10 Securing Password Storage - Increasing Resistance to Brute Force Attacks
Tiago Teles
All Ur Base Are Known To Us
Miguel Mota Veiga / André Pinheiro
17:10 Coffe Break – Sponsored by SAPO
17:30 Understanding the Underground Traffic Sales
Neyolov Evgeny
Man vs Internet or The future of Authentication
Luís Grangeia
18:35 I’m the guy your CSO is STILL warning you about
Gavin ‘jac0byterebel’ Ewan
Lightning Talks

(registration on site)

19:40 Closing Ceremony
Bruno Morisson / Tiago Henriques
21:00 Speakers’ Dinner (Invite Only) – Sponsored by DRC