Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now CLOSED.

“Never fear, I is here!”

That’s right, B-Sides Lisbon is back and this time it will be in the summer!!

B-Sides Lisbon is being held July 3rd at the Forum Picoas (the PT building), so this time not only do you get to hang out with security nerds, you’ll get to hang out with tourists!

We are organizing B-Sides into two speaking tracks, both of them will be the usual conferencing style with different time slot allocations for each.

Regular Slots

Regular presentation slots lengths are a fixed duration of 50 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A if necessary.

Small Slots

Small presention slots lengths are a fixed duration of 20 minutes plus 10 minutes also for Q&A if necessary.

Lightning Talks

And for 2015, as we did on 2013 we will also accept submissions for Lightning Talks. They will be limited to 10 minutes and typically consist of 2 to 3 presentation slides. We hope that this will encourage people that are new to presenting to submit.It will be a good way to express ideas, thoughts or show something they have been working on.
As in 2013 these talks will be submitted on local by writting your name and talk name on a paper supplied by the organization.

The CFP deadline for submissions is May 15th.
We are looking for topics in the area of Infosec. Doesn’t matter if it’s reverse engineering, web apps, or netsec. If it’s infosec we are in for it!

We do however have a few rules:

  • The talk and slides must be in English – Even though it’s Bsides Lisbon we are expecting (and hoping) we will have a few foreign friends visiting our beautiful country and even presenting!
  • We are currently investigating our options, but we hope to record all presentations for later distribution. If the recording your presentation poses an issue for you then please tell us on the submit form.
  • You must give your talk with passion! :)

Submissions will be reviewed by our “Call for Papers” panel.

The board will review all the talks and give them a rating, speakers will get at least a 2 month warning on either their talk has been accepted or not

When submitting a talk please submit a valid contact, as we want to offer great talks and will be screening people and want to make sure we choose the right people.
If you wait until last minute you will have less of a chance of being picked.

Your talk won’t be picked IF:

  • It’s a sale pitch (vendor based talk / product talk)
  • Talks that don’t have the minimum information when submitted

Even if your talk gets rejected, we will make sure to give you an explanation on why your talk got rejected instead of merely replying with a “You’re out” generalized email.

We thank you in advance for yout interest and support in B-Sides Lisbon 2015, and all your submissions are greatly appreciated.