Important notices:

  • The schedule is subject to change until the conference day;
  • Be sure to register early;
  • Bring your ticket, either in print or digital form, and ID, and have them ready for registration;
  • There will be important information during the opening session, so be sure to attend. We promise not to bore you too much :)
  • First 120 attendees to check-in get an exclusive bSidesLisbon2015 tshirt!


Track #1 Track #2
9:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee – Sponsored by Sapo
9:40 Welcome to BSidesLisbon
Bruno Morisson & Tiago Henriques
10:00 Wim Remes
“Damn kids. They’re all alike.” … we have a date with history
11:00 Doron Shiloach
Taking Threat Intelligence and Sharing to the Next Level
Herman Duarte / Cláudio André
Is my app secure?
12:00 Kyriakos Economou
Shellter – A dynamic shellcode injector
Francisco Guerreiro
NAC/NAP/802.1x systemic bypass for 15EUR
13:00 (break)
14:30 Joxean Koret
Diaphora: a new FOSS program diffing tool
Ricardo Dias
The art of malware cluster visualization
15:30 Tiago Henriques / Tiago Martins
Security Metrics: Why, where and how?
Marco Vaz
How to hack into your home router
16:30 Pedro Vilaça
BadXNU, a rotten apple!
David Marques
Data Theft – Who the hell stole my data?
17:30 Coffee Break – Sponsored by Sapo
17:45 Tiago Pereira
What botnet is this?
Duarte Monteiro
Inside the CAN
(18:10) Lightning Talks
18:45 Steve Lord
Your career is a system. It’s time to root it
19:40 Closing session
Bruno Morisson & Tiago Henriques
20:00 Speakers’ Dinner (Invite Only)
23:00 bSidesLisbon 2015 After Party @ Metropolis Club – you’re all invited!